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IMR is thrilled to announce that this December, we will be working with GOALS Haiti to provide a seminar to the aspiring healthcare providers in the Leogane region of Haiti.

GOALS is a grass roots effort to engage the region’s youth in athletics as a means of developing leadership, team building and health consciousness. Working in partnership with GOALS will give us the opportunity to reach areas that are currently underserved by local healthcare systems. Building capacity with practitioner training will promote sustainability to provide primary care in the near future.

In addition, we will be opening a primary care clinic to serve the wider community for five days. This will serve multiple purposes, the first being that higher risk patient populations will have greater access to medical evaluations. Secondly, the clinic will serve as excellent bedside training for those attending the seminar. Thirdly, the clinic will act as a foundational link towards building a sustained effort in promoting healthcare in the future to Leogane.

We look forward to this new partnership that will deepen our commitment to improving the health of Haitians.