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Partnerships that improve health around the world


Partnerships that improve health around the world

Help us fund the Liberian Fistula Project

We have until nov 27 to raise $10,000 with matching by johnson & johnson!


This Is princess

Princess’ baby was stuck in her birth canal as Princess endured 4 days of difficult labor. As a result, Princess developed a fistula and her baby did not survive. Obstetric fistulas cause women to leak urine and feces through the holes formed in their birth canal. Princess has had at least 4 surgeries over the last few years to help repair the damage done from not being able to deliver her baby safely. We’re hoping to provide her the last operation she needs.


We are thrilled to announce that IMR was chosen to launch a crowdfunding project on Caring Crowd, a platform supported by Johnson & Johnson!


Our goal is to raise $10,000 for our Liberian Fistula Project, allowing us to train a new generation of surgeons in Liberia and treat more women like Princess over the next year. A fistula surgery can completely change a woman’s life by allowing her to live a life with dignity. With your help, we can reach our goal!

Only rigorously vetted campaign was chosen to crowdfund on Caring Crowd which lends credibility and visibility to our work. And best of all, J&J Corporate is committed to matching every pledge up to $250 per donor, so we’ll only have to raise $5,000.

BUT it’s all or nothing: if we don’t hit our goal by Nov 27, IMR will receive nothing.

Help us give women like Princess a life free from fistula. Help us train more local Liberian surgeons so more women like Princess can have access to treatment. Join us in our effort by donating and spread the word!

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What we do

What we do

Trained nearly 100 doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals


Performed over 200 surgeries

to treat women with fistulas and other pelvic floor disorders

Completed over 500 medical exams

for Puerto Ricans post-Hurricane Maria and in haiti

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focus on gynecologic surgeries

In conjunction with local surgeons, we help restore women’s health by treating their severe gynecological conditions such as obstetric fistulas.


expansion of primary and emergency medicine

We provide direct medical care to people affected by natural disasters, extreme poverty, and regional conflict.


commitment to Training healthcare workers

We believe that the most effective way to improve health is by training healthcare workers on the ground.


Our Projects

Our Projects

look for updates on our projectS through our blog


Giving birth should not cost your lifE—

Labor and loss in Haiti

“We have a problem— her blood pressure is really high, and she has a severe headache and swelling. Oh, and she’s in her third trimester.” These are words that would alarm any clinician caring for a pregnant woman.

Imagine spending months anticipating the birth of your child, whether it be your first or your fifth. Because of your geography or lack of funds, you have no access to a clinic or to medications, blood tests, ultrasounds, or medical support to guide you through this universal process. For most pregnancies around the world, thankfully the outcomes are joyful. But in a number of cases, the situation can turn catastrophic. Thankfully for Magdala, IMR was able to prevent the worst outcome through our collaboration with GOALS Haiti. Read more about her story on our blog here.


In collaboration with United Nations Population Fund and Liberian Ministry of Health, IMR trains Liberian doctors to repair obstetrical fistulas


IMR collaborates with St. Boniface Hospital to teach attending and resident physicians focusing on gynecologic surgery. We also collaborate with GOALS Haiti to train healthcare workers and run clinics in Destra.

Puerto Rico

IMR has been on the ground since October 2017 teaming with local community organizations in Vieques to bring direct aid and supplies to the victims of Hurricane Maria. We will continue to do so as long as the need is present.


We work with UNFPA-Malawi and the Malawi Ministry of Health to treat women with obstetric fistulas at Mulanje District Hospital in the southern region of Mulanje, Malawi.  


Scholarship Program

We support future healthcare providers who are committed to serving their underserved communities with a scholarship to support their education.


Past Projects

  • IMR provided disaster relief in the Philippines after the devastating Typhoon Haiyan of 2013

  • In collaboration with AIGINET, we held a workshop with nurses in Butare, Rwanda about medical and obstetric emergencies

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Take Action

Take Action

Support IMR and look good doing it!

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Vulva pendant to #endfistula

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jewelry that gives back

Use code “LOVEIMR22” at Article 22 to buy your next statement piece! Part of the proceeds will go to IMR and you’ll get free shipping! Article 22 offers one-of-a-kind jewelry handmade in Laos using shrapnel that were de-mined by land clearance organizations. Each piece gives back to support traditional Laotian artisan livelihoods, village development, community endeavors and further de-mining efforts.


Your donations allow us to help educate and train healthcare workers so they can provide quality care to their community


Be a part of our team of healthcare professionals dedicated to bringing quality healthcare to those in need


Use the link below to automatically donate a part of your Amazon purchase price to IMR at no cost to you!


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Latest Updates

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