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Everyone deserves the best care, everywhere

We believe that primary and emergency care should be provided primarily by healthcare workers who are part of the community and understand its particular needs and challenges. They are the ones that receive the call when a neighbor is ill or when a baby is being born. There are times though when the existing healthcare system becomes strained due extreme circumstances such as natural disasters, extreme poverty or regional conflict. We collaborate with local healthcare workers and agencies to provide direct medical care to those who lack access in such instances. We also identify local providers who can follow up with patients treated by our team. We believe our job is to help support those who are on the front lines and provide assistance in a thoughtful and respectful way.

Currently, we are working in Vieques, Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria where many residents still lack access to basic healthcare and in Destra, Haiti in a collboration with GOALS Haiti. Our past project includes a 3 day clinic in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan where we treated nearly 1000 residents.