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Earlier this year, we began hearing stories from Port-Au-Prince's Haitian National Hospital (HUEH) that there was a dire need for practitioners who specialized in Emergency Medicine. HUEH is Haiti's national government run hospital, yet currently there are no EM-trained practitioners on staff.  To address this crucial need, we conducted the first of our training sessions for the ER nursing staff of HUEH, which consisted of approximately 25 participants.

Lectures were given in a small group format based with discussion facilitated by IMR's Dr. Schiller, translated by IMR volunteers. We also brought Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell from University Hospital, a hospital built by Partners in Health in Mirabalais, to provide lectures in an effort to coordinate between the two hospitals more closely. The seminar was very well received by participants and we hope for this project to continue over the next year, with expansion to include interns and residents.