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In January 2014, Mayano, Josh and Danny took their first trip together to lead a medical mission to a hurricane ravaged area of the Philippines.

This trip inspired them to form International Medical Response in order to better serve those in need. Since then, they have teamed with Dr. Ambereen Sleemi, who has spent much of her career performing pelvic reconstruction surgery in underdeveloped countries, to create a more dynamic and diverse team of healthcare providers.

Our Mission

To supplement, support and enhance healthcare systems in communities across the world that have been incapacitated by natural disaster, extreme poverty, and/or regional conflict. A multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals will a) provide primary and surgical care in strategic areas to best mitigate the effects of resource deficits while working collaboratively with local providers for follow-up care and b) form partnerships and implement curriculum guided by local healthcare workers to expand technical skills and common practice.


Our Methods

·       Provide primary healthcare with thoughtful, safe, and effective use of pharmacotherapy

·       Collaborate with local healthcare workers to promote continuity of care

·       Surgical care in collaboration with local hospitals and care providers 

·       Train local physicians, residents, nurses and other healthcare professionals to expand their knowledge and skills

·       Basic health education to increase health literacy

·       Donation of basic medical supplies to local health facilities and schools

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization