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Haitian Women's Collaborative Project

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

A long-term collaboration with the Department of Ob/Gyn at the Haitian National Hospital in Port-au-Prince (HUEH) was launched in January 2013. With guidance and collaboration with HUEH’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, we began a teaching curriculum for the attending and resident physicians focusing on areas of gynecologic surgery (including laparoscopy and pelvic floor reconstruction), cervical cancer screening and patient safety. Surgical enhancement of training includes pelvic floor surgery for prolapse, incontinence and urogenital fistulas. Laparoscopic training and support for skills is provided. Ultrasound training will focus on reproductive health, including pregnancy and gynecologic imaging . HUEH is the public hospital in the heart of PAP and serves a large population of the underserved. Approximately 30 residents in the Department of OB/Gyn are completing a post-graduate program designed ensure their training to care for women and all their reproductive health needs, throughout the spectrum of their lives. We are working with them and the physicians who train them to give them the skills to provide the best care for the women of Haiti. Everyone has a right to the best surgical and medical care possible.

IMR Team with the chair of Department of OBGYN at HUEH

IMR Team with the chair of Department of OBGYN at HUEH

Ultrasonography Workshop Update

Mr. Alwyn McCalla lead a hands on workshop in the National Hospital in Port au Prince for the nearly 30 Ob/Gyn residents over the course of 3 days, from October 9-11th.  The first day started with basics about the machine that was available for use, including sterility and keeping it clean.  Ultrasound theory was explored and then both gynecological and antepartum patients were scanned by Alwyn with intense teaching for all, including our patients.  Ovarian and uterine ultrasounds, both normal and abnormal were performed.  The obstetric ultrasounds were performed on patients who were in the antepartum ward with pregnancy complications, including preterm labor, antepartum bleeding as well a pre-eclampsia.  

Patients who were scheduled for surgery needed ultrasounds for various reasons. Clinical indications for pre-operative ultrasounds were discussed at length and findings were assessed and integrated into the pre-, intra- and post-operative care of our patients. All in all, dozens of women were seen, evaluated and 7 were surgically treated for complex pelvic floor disorders.

The residents spent many hours scanning and learning under Alwyn’s skilled and watchful eyes.  The positive feedback was tremendous and he ended his time in the hospital with questions about how the residents can further training, when he was coming back and if we could sponsor an ultrasound conference in the future. In his words, “It was a very interesting and rewarding experience.”

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